Quality assurance & control system 

We take pride in the technical excellence of our fabrics. To achieve customer satisfaction, we have set up a quality assurance team of highly experienced and qualified technicians in order to raise production procedures to their optimum and control all critical quality variables in production – from step one to the last stage. 

Quality assurance refers to: 
• Pilot tests conducted before production to ensure that the chosen production variables are the optimum. 
• Continuous in-process control of fabrics. Quality is tested at every stage to ensure that flaws are detected as soon as they appear. 
• Bar-coding every lot of fabric and recording all relevant information to ensure complete traceability and detailed reporting of all problems. 
• Laboratory testing of each lot in relation to physical properties (dimensional stability, width and weight, spirality, pilling, bursting strength, extension and recovery) and colour-fastness (to washing, light, dry and wet rubbing, acid and alcaline perspiration, yellowing, printing), and other tests that may be required for your specific order. 
• Comprehensive inspection of finished fabrics before packaging, with advanced technology machinery – TESTA.

Quality is crucial for us. Not just in theory, but in practice as was certified by the following:

Standard credit. We are accredited with the EN ISO 9001:2000 by Bureau Veritas Quality International, assuring consistent high-quality products.

Health friendly. According to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 we were granted authorization to use Oeko-Tex mark “Confidence in Textiles, tested for harmful substances”. A guarantee that the produced articles fulfil the requirement of the existing European legislation regarding the use of azo-dyes, and meet the human – ecological requirements of the standard established for products with direct contact to the skin. 

It should also be noted that Marks & Spencer and Adidas have trusted us with their quality certificates verifying with their choice the high level of performance and the quality of products designed and produced.