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Despite the ever increasing technological and scientific advances, in the 21st century we face a significant number of environmental, social and economic challenges. No government, organization or private stakeholders are immune to these challenges and nobody has the right of ignoring them.

A new economic, social and environmental reality is presented, which pushes companies to less wasteful and more sustainable, green or ecological operations, which in turn drives changes in business and social activities and perceptions. It is important to note that Greece is the leading cotton producer in the EU and one of the most significant producers worldwide. We at Fieratex have embraced this reality since the very beginning, almost 30 years ago. We believe that sustainability of a business concerns its long-term future success.

Sustainability, in its present sense, is essentially a route, a process for the industry to be maintained and developed in the ecosystem of the Earth, without damaging it.

For us, sustainability is a call to responsible action, a work in progress, a singular political and economical process which we are called to embrace, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

I. Anezoulakis

Fieratex Chairman and

Chief Executive Officer

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